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Moving Towards a Renewable Future

Our Mission is to accelerate North America’s transition to renewable energy to create a cleaner and more sustainable future. We partner with local Municipally Owned Utilities, Cooperatives, Corporations, Landowners and Communities to develop projects from origination to operation.

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Leading Development of Solar Facilities

SunGrid is a Developer, Owner, and Operator of Utility-Scale Solar Facilities.  Our team is comprised of solar experts who have developed and/or constructed over 50 facilities throughout the US, ranging in size from 1MW-120+MW. We have expertise in each stage of development from sourcing land, site development, system engineering & design, financing, procurement, construction, and O&M.


Please join us on our mission to bring more renewable energy to the grid faster than ever before!

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What We Do


Delivering Value

Solar Development

SunGrid Power has a deep understanding of solar development. Our leadership team has over 60 years of solar experience developing over 70 sites throughout the US. We understand land agreements, PPA structures, the interconnection process and financing to make it all work.

Economies of Scale

Through our affiliation with a top 5 US solar developer, SunGrid has incredible purchasing power to help control the cost of procurement and construction. This is a significant advantage resulting in low PPA pricing for many local solar projects.

Volume over ROI

As a private company, our mission is to develop as much solar as possible.  Therefore, we have the ability to offer lower pricing in favor of total project volume vs. individual project returns.


Creating an Efficient Solar Facility

The development process starts with a commitment from a local utility or commercial partner to purchase power from a solar facility.

Strategic locations are identified based on proximity to electrical facilities or lines, zoning and environmental regulations, and physical site characteristics. We are interested in underutilized land and look to lease the land for 30+ years or to purchase it at fair market value.

Planning for the site requires a significant amount of due diligence, everything from surveys, permitting, environmental impact reports to engineering and interconnection studies. This part of the process usually takes 6-9 months but may take longer.

Once a facility is fully designed and permitted, we work with our investors and financial partners to advance the project to the construction phase.

Solar facilities are usually constructed within 4-6 months depending on size and location. We work with the community pre, during, and post construction to engage local vendors, hire construction crews and long-term maintenance personnel. Construction is concluded with re-seeding and landscaping of the site.


After construction, the system is reviewed, tested and commissioned for production. The site is secured with perimeter fencing and video surveillance. Once operational, the facility does not emit any noise or air pollution, requires minimal maintenance, and will generate clean, affordable energy for 35+ years.

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